PRP for Sexual Health and Intimacy Issues

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Men and women experience aging in different ways and yet in a few instances age plays a similar detrimental effect. One sensitive area of discussion deals with the issues of the reproductive system since age causes notably different changes in each gender. However, for both genders the issue of libido and of sexual health is something that can cause concern due to several factors that limit functionality for a healthy sex life.  As previously shown, PRP has been shown to give many benefits during aesthetic treatments but it also can give a new metaphorical life to one’s own sexual activity level.

For this post and to create a more equal kind of discourse on the subject, the problems experienced by both men and women will be referred to as intimacy issues. The sensitive nature of sexual health leads much of the general population to shy away from the subject due to public misconceptions and perceived taboos on the subject. For both genders, one of the major issues is the loss of sensation and ability to perform sexual acts at will and in a pleasurable manner. PRP can help resolve these issues through injections that showcase different benefits for each gender and, as such, also promote the idea of continued activity in sexual relationships to a much greater possible age.

Men’s Issues

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In recent years, a surge in the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of sexual health issues for men has led to a variety of products being created. In particular, the creation of drugs such as Viagra and Cialis both opened new markets for the aging male population when this kind of issue arose. However, these drugs, like most pharmaceuticals, do have the possibility for side effects. Enter the use of PRP to treat the same issues but in a different way. As with all PRP treatment forms, the goal is to remove the plasma from one’s own blood and then inject the same matter back into the body at key points to help distribute additional growth factors where needed. For men, this is done through a series of injections along the sides of the genitals which helps to increase blood flow and to build up the tissue in the region. This allows for the patient to achieve their desired results for sexual health with reports of also increase in dimensions which last for varying amounts of time. Even though the process sounds painful, PRP allows the use for topical and injectable lidocaine which greatly minimizes the discomfort for the patient during and after the process. Additionally, there is only an average of 2 days of downtime for recovery with marked results in sexual ability within a short time after.

Women’s Issues

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For women, the ability to have an active sex life comes with issues surrounding certain conditions that limit their drive to do so. Lichen sclerosis and forms of atrophy can make certain sexual acts more difficult and, in many cases, painful for the female. PRP can help with both of these issues through a similar series of injections at key points in the genital region. Growth factors in PRP can help to heal the affected areas caused by lichen sclerosis and reverse the effects of atrophy which can help women to regain control of their sexual health. This promotes the ability of the body to find sexual acts pleasurable again and, as a result, also makes it to where the overall sexual health of the woman is once again something desired and increasing libido. The result is that patients are once again able to engage in these activities at a regularity that is beneficial and desired by all parties involved.

What does this mean for the average consumer?

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For men and women alike, PRP has been shown to have positive effects on issues of aesthetics but also in their overall sexual health without the need for possibly detrimental or damaging medications. Side effects to medications vary from person to person in terms of severity when they occur but due to the nature of PRP as a treatment using one’s own cells, negative reactions are extremely rare while, at the same time, the benefits last longer. The idea is that through these injections, men and women can regain active control over their own sexual health and reignite the full spark of their personal health in this area. Even though it might seem intimidating, the fact remains that there are many positive benefits from the use of this kind of therapy and the support of past patients can reinforce the levels of success.

At Shubert Regenerative Care we are able to provide this service in a safe and private environment. Call or message for pricing today!

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