PRP Breast Treatment – A Fuller Bust at a Fraction of the Cost

On this blog we have been covering the subject of platelet-rich plasma, AKA PRP, and the way that it is effective in treating a variety of different issues both cosmetically and in terms of bodily function. In addition to the ability of the procedure to help minimize the need for unnecessary surgery in terms of knee replacement and nerve damage issues, it also has been shown to be able to act as a form of skin rejuvenation such as with PRP facial treatments. However, as the growth factors in the plasma give so many benefits to the body when they are injected, one area of interest is that of PRP injections into breast tissue as it provides a unique opportunity for a physical change that many women want but are nervous about.

selective focus photography of woman in white sports brassiere standing near woman sitting on pink yoga mat

Many women like the idea of a fuller, perkier, well defined bosom. However, most do not want to undergo plastic surgery for breast augmentation as they find this to be too much of a detriment either financially or in terms of time. Enter the PRP breast treatment. In this treatment, as with all other PRP injections, blood is taken from the patient, but through the centrifuge so that the plasma separates, and then a solution with the plasma is in created to reinject. Since this is made from your own blood cells, it is safer than many other techniques in terms of infection and the possibility of problems arising. This makes the treatment something which is unique because it gives desired results with a much lower chance of problems arising and in a relatively low amount of time since the treatment is done in office at a predetermined time. In fact, it has been shown to do more than simply increase overall bust size but also it has been shown to have restorative measures as well for those who need some cell structures to be reinvigorated.

As women age, it is not uncommon for them to have changes to their breast structure because of facts like they are getting older, might or might not have had children, and several other factors which occur in their lives which sometimes can have effects to the cells in their body. This is perfectly natural, but some women are self-conscious about finding a way to deal with issues that are also affecting their self-image. By injecting PRP into carefully selected areas of the tissue, it is possible for the growth factors to help increase overall appearance of size, firmness, and coloration. Additionally, this treatment has also been shown to work on a level which allows for previous breast implantation, cellular damage, and other issues to be helped through a natural means. Instead of simply completing a new breast augmentation surgery, this treatment has the possibility of providing long results with a fraction of the pain and recovery time.


Even if you’re not wanting to have a major surgery done or see huge games that would be available with more invasive procedures, the PRP breast treatment does allow for the patient to achieve significant gains visibly in a relatively short amount of time that can last for a relatively long time. Through a simple procedure at Shubert Regenerative Care, we can have you in and out the door in a single treatment that we schedule during a consultation. Why not take a chance to learn about the benefits of this program as the results have been shown to last for quite some time and you can see visual changes very quickly? Call today to set up a consultation on the phone or in our office and let us help you make a positive change physically that you want with little down time.

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